Our tradition of terracotta craftsmen, here at Fornace Calandrelli has its roots in such deep soil that it is almost impossible to trace back to a real beginning. There is a whole maze of documents and memories that serve as a framework for our family history: this is thanks to the passion of our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation to us. Every story then to its pivotal points, its forks and its growing evolutions: those simple but fundamental changes that make a small business a great dream.

In the decade between 1970 and 1980 it was our father Lorenzo who had the right intuitions. He widened his catchment area, passing from the selling is stores to direct sale: in front of the building site of a Tuscan farmhouse, he had the brilliant idea to bring the floor heating in the furnaces. The result was excellent both for the yield and for the timing: the bricks dried in a day, thus increasing the scope of the work but also the environmental safety. In fact, it was possible to work in closed sheds all year round.

These choices, for which we will always thank our father, allowed Fornace Calandrelli to start its path as a successful brand. Currently, my sister Valeria and I proudly carry on the family business. The historical moment we are living through presents great economic and social challenges. However, this does not discourage or frighten us: we know that ours is an important tradition to which we are deeply attached and we want to keep up the cornerstones of our brand here at Fornace Calandrelli: excellence, quality, and, above all, beauty.


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