Fornace Calandrelli provides terracotta flooring and covering since 1752.

It carries a centuries-old family tradition, an expertise which has been passed from father to son, growing richer and richer. Our wise manufacturing has always kept its foundations, yet it is open to evolution and renewal, in order to satisfy the wishes of our most passionate and sensitive customers: this gives our cotto its own soul, a personality, a light. The natural composition of the terracotta makes our handcrafted products meet all the green building standards: they are frost and heat resistant and support underfloor heating systems. We also produce both standard and special pieces for flooring and covering. The Calandrelli family has its roots in Castel Viscardo, near Orvieto, in Umbria, and its tiles dress several walls, columns and squares all over Italy, thanks to its cooperation with the regional agency of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Private villas, farmhouses to be redecorated, pools and roofs to be re-covered, staircases and walls are just a few examples of how we can employ a material suitable for any location, ambience and landscape. We add to our handmade tiles high-quality pigments and create our polished cotto, able to make any bathroom or kitchen exclusive, and also to give a unique taste to a simple wall or floor, enhanced by some of our tiles..


Rough Tiles

Rough tiles are the primary result of cotto manufacturing, with no further processing, according to the tradition. With its strong character, it is ideal for a rural setting and both the sides can be displayed.


Smooth Tiles

 The processing techniques smooth the tiles revealing their inner part, which appears in all its richness. We can see color nuances delicately interchange, little clay lumps acquire different shades, resulting in a final beauty and elegance which has no equal.


Bright Tiles

We combine high-quality glazes with handmade tiles: definitely a winning couple. Our color range gives much space to customization for those who choose our glazed cotto and can be also realized on a sample.


Cover to Discover

Covering with tiles is a very wide concept. We have custom-tailored solutions to cover every setting and building, whether it is a column, a staircase, a roof, a poolside, a wall, a windowsill, or a baseboard.


For those who do not have the time, or just want the simplest approach to all the issues of a construction site, we have been developing an expertise which goes beyond the material production. This is why for a long time now we are able to offer our clients whole package solutions. We accurately install and apply protection and finishing solutions, using the best products for interiors, exteriors and glazed. The protection and finishing process deserve a special reference. We have been developing a specialized knowledge which allows us to properly recommend and realize the most suitable solution for every setting: from the farmhouse to the busy public office, from the seaside villa to touristic structures such as hotels and restaurants. Whole package solutions even make tile purchase more affordable.



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